Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Acumatica 

Acumatica provides a seamless ERP and CRM solutions that work together for a single source of organizational truth. From marketing, quoting, and sales to delivery and post-sales support, customer information is always up to date and accurate.

Acumatica’s CRM will help you gain a 360 view of your relationship to customers. It enables users to improve customer service with instant notifications, dashboards and access to KPI’s

Dashboards and reports to provide real-time sales data to help teams manage forecasts, quotas, and results.

Acumatica’s CRM is mobile friendly and can be accessed from any device, any time, giving users real-time access to customers 24/7.

Sales Automation

Acumatica ERP supports bi-directional real-time synchronization of data between Acumatica ERP and Salesforce CRM, allowing for simultaneous work in both systems.

Acumatica provides a consolidated view of all customer records in a single database. With Acumatica’s CRM users are able to manage leads and contacts, automate activity and tasks as well as manage opportunities and quotes in one single space.

The CRM allows users to respond rapidly to customers’ requests at any point in the sales cycle – from first contact, through sales and fulfillment, billing, and after-sale service requests.

Users are able to create multiple quotes for a single opportunity. Once the customer accepts an offer, a sales order and invoice can be created based on the quote.

Users can choose to export the following entities to Salesforce by predefined scenarios: Leads, contacts, business accounts, opportunities, stock and non-stock items, and sales prices.

The sales automation feature allows you to manage all aspects of the sales cycle in one platform to create a user-friendly, seamless sales cycle. 

Marketing Automation 

Acumatica’s marketing automation allows users to create and manage marketing lists, send mass emails and execute marketing campaigns. Users can also integrate HubSpot, the preferred Marketing Automation system for midmarket companies, to Acumatica CRM. 

With Acumatica’s CRM users are able to aggregate leads from your website, purchased lists, trade shows, and manual entry. Automatically assign and rout according to your pre-set criteria. Duplicates will automatically merge to reduce the amount of wasted space in the CRM. 

Marketing Campaigns can be scheduled and automated to create a seamless flow, track success, and reports from start to finish. Users can create email templates to ensure that newsletters, email campaigns, and direct communications have consistent branding and messaging. This helps automate monthly newsletters, promotions, and other communication to specific lists.

Users can customize announcements and default dashboards for each marketing manager to match their individual needs. Dashboards and favorites link to real-time information delivered in tabular or graphical form.

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