As COVID-19 has changed the way we live, that doesn’t mean it should slow the way your business operates. With Acumatica Cloud ERP you can access your information anytime, anywhere. That means you can have your team members work safely and efficiently from home, still having access to everything they need, thanks to the cloud

It’s not too late to switch to the cloud, since working remotely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One thing that is not an option, is doing nothing. Your business might have changed a lot this past year, but giving your teammates access to all the information they need is the number one priority and it is very possible with Acumatica.

“I believe that ProServe made my job easier by not having to stress over the function of our operating system. They make working from home or remote 100% possible.” – Amelia VanDusen, Davis Electrical Supply

Chances are good that there are more efficient ways to accomplish many of your business tasks. Tech moves fast, and the loss of efficient processes is a hidden cost, especially for non-cloud software. An outdated ERP system also increasingly redirects resources into maintenance instead of allowing you to focus that money and energy on solving real problems.

By switching from your legacy system to Acumatica’s Cloud ERP you will increase your performance and build a better and safer strategy for the future. It’s not too late to prepare for what’s next to come.

The cost of doing nothing about your ERP can be more damaging than investing the time and money to upgrade. For example, the companies operating with legacy solutions, fragmented solutions, or no ERP solution at all, their solutions—or lack thereof—are causing them to be disconnected, inefficient, outdated companies.

Calculating how much a modern ERP system is going to benefit your company must include the return on investment (ROI) to get the estimate. Acumatica’s ERP ROI calculator can assist organizations in estimating this amount. It can also provide foresight into whether the company is on the path of becoming a Leader or a Follower in their industry.

ERP adoption benefits include:

  • 15% improvement in gross margins
  • 15% increase in sales volume
  • 45% increase in employee productivity

Are you ready to take your future into your own hands? Prepare for the future and schedule a personalized free demo today.

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