Whether or not you are experiencing any setbacks on your current version of your ERP, there is always an opportunity to move your ERP system to the next level. By upgrading, you will ensure that your software is running at optimal performance to reduce your team members’ downtime and or workarounds.

Keeping your Acumatica system up-to-date will also help you improve your user’s experience and most importantly enhance the product efficiency together with your company’s growth objectives.

How can ProServe help?

At ProServe, we have proven methods and processes that will help you keep track of all ins and outs that come with the upgrading process and stay focused on your business performance.

Here a glance of the milestones that will help you stay organized.

ProServe will help you layout the upgrading plan by defining a pre-upgrade activity, creating a sandbox environment in which preserve consultants will first make sure your current system is upgraded and ready for you to test your current business processes.

We will test new features to ensure they are aligned to your current business processes, also Reports, GI’s, Dashboards, customizations, and modifications. This will help us clean any issues that might arise when running the new version on your upgraded LIVE environment.

ProServe will also make sure all ISV integrations are up-to-date and up and running. During this testing stage, your company’s process owners, together with Proserve consultants will log any issues that might arise, so they can be fixed prior to the upgrade of your LIVE system.

Once a user testing stage is successfully completed, a go-live date is scheduled.

Remember that upgrading your current system and staying on an active maintenance plan ensures access to new features to help your company become more efficient in your daily tasks.

Ready to upgrade? Acumatica just released the 2021 R1 upgrade. Get in touch with the ProServe team today!

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