Part of managing and getting the most of your Acumatica ERP license is creating a plan for regular version upgrades. All of our customers have the same question: “When to upgrade and why?”.

Let’s first start with “Why?”

There are several main reasons why you should consider upgrading your Acumatica version:

  • Acumatica continuously rolls out new functionality in each release. Keeping your system upgraded to the newest version allows you to take advantage of the latest functionality, helping your operations stay as lean and efficient as possible.
  • Continuous upgrades foster end-user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Upgrading frequently creates a more seamless upgrade experience.

Let’s now discuss “When?”

As you may know, Acumatica publishes two main version updates annually. Acumatica R1 is released in the spring with R2 being released in the fall.  Based on our experience with our customers, both the ProServe Solutions team and Acumatica recommend upgrading twice annually to keep you on the latest version at all times.

You do have the option to upgrade once annually if your organization is going through a busy season or period of change. The choice around when to upgrade is ultimately yours to make.

Acumatica’s official upgrade policy states that versions of Acumatica are “retired” after 3 main versions. This essentially means that if you are 3 versions behind, there may be an added fee to your license for using a retired version if you choose not to upgrade your version at least once every 18 months.

ProServe Solutions understands that staying on a current version is very important to get the most of your Acumatica ERP. Our proven process and cutting-edge tools enable us to create a seamless upgrade experience so that you can take advantage of the latest functionality as it is released.

ProServe’s goal is to make upgrading your software a regular part of your technology plan so that you worry about technology less and do what you do best – serving your customers.

Ready to upgrade? Talk to the ProServe team today!

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