How Acumatica Works to Simplify Supply Chains, Transactions, and Accounting

Businesses that buy (or manufacture), sell and transport goods, and operate across multiple entities deal with complex shipping processes. Transporting the goods from one location to another is not just a matter of loading up a truck and sending it off; it requires multiple touchpoints, including product status and inspection checks during and after delivery. This is a time-consuming task—unless you’re automating workflows in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Before discussing automating transactions, it’s critical to understand what a cloud ERP solution is:. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and when cloud-based, is software that is accessible over the Internet with any web-enabled device. Businesses can manage their financials, manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce, reporting, CRM, and more from a centralized database while integrating with any desired and required third-party applications, allowing for streamlined and automated processes.

Acumatica and Automating the Inspection Process

The inspection process is more than merely inspecting and labeling shipments for processing and shipment. It’s the method businesses use to ensure that their shipment is accurate, thus eliminating shipping error expenses and dissatisfied customers. 

However, if these businesses are relying on manual procedures, disconnected technology systems, or both to handle the inspection process, then it may be taking longer than necessary while also resulting in inaccuracies. Automating the processes and workflows through Acumatica and through integration with third-party applications will help eliminate these issues, including cutting down the time it takes to deal with failed inspections.

Automating Each Stage of Your Retail Supply Chains

Customers expect a seamless ordering process (made possible by a complete, omnichannel-equipped eCommerce solution) and a quick delivery. From the initial order to the product in a customer’s hands, the retail supply chain has many stages. The complexity of managing these stages can quickly become overwhelming and inefficient with manual workflows. That’s where Acumatica’s Distribution Management software, which integrates all supply and logistic activities within one solution, can help. 

Warehouse, inventory, and order (sales/purchase orders) management is streamlined across the board while integrating with Acumatica’s financing, commerce-retail, CRM, manufacturing, field service, and project accounting modules. Implementing cloud-based ERP solutions allows businesses to automate every process, from administering purchase orders to transferring stock and tracking inventory. It also allows businesses to access synchronized and real-time data from every department in a centralized location. 

Additionally, businesses that handle transactional shipping with an inspection process have access to third-party applications (found in the Acumatica Marketplace, seamlessly connected via Acumatica’s open platform). They enable businesses in automating inspection process workflows, including inspecting, labeling, and monitoring products before, during, and after shipping. Some third-party applications, like Pallet’s AP Automation for Acumatica, help businesses automate AP processes (e.g., flexible approval workflows, automated invoice processing, and automated PO matching). 

The Benefits of Automating Your Workflows

Automating transactions and automating inspection process workflows through Acumatica (and through the many innovative ISV applications that extend Acumatica’s functionality) opens the door to amazing benefits. 

With Acumatica Distribution Management software, you can:

  • Manage inventory processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs.
  • Streamline sales orders by optimizing quoting and entering/filling orders and setting rules to manage multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, and drop shipments.
  • Automate cross-company buy-sell transactions by creating a sales order in one company from a PO in another company in the same tenant automatically.
  • Enhance purchasing by minimizing costs and ensuring a steady supply of materials by optimizing and automating purchase processes, including vendor requisitions with electronic bidding. 

The increased visibility insight and business intelligence from data that is linked and synced across an organization will help businesses dealing with retail supply chain challenges improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

How Acumatica Can Help 

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a comprehensive solution that acts as centralized data storage for every department within an organization. This updated and real-time information is accessible by every employee remotely so that the business at hand can be taken care of anytime and from anywhere. And by automating workflows in Acumatica, businesses can significantly increase their efficiency and profitability.

To learn more, contact the ProServe experts. They have decades of experience providing transparent, efficient, and collaborative project implementation using modern deployment tools.

Richard Swank, Midway Industrial Supply, is glad he did. “The combination of innovation, automation, and accessibility will all be beneficial for the partnership Midway has created with ProServe and Acumatica. COVID-19 has taught us all the importance of adapting. Midway has done exactly that with our Acumatica implementation. The future is bright, we are just scratching the surface of the benefits Acumatica can create.”

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