Sanitation needs have been on the rise, and with the ever-growing threat of new viruses, there has never been a better time to evolve.  Janitorial businesses must manage the ever-changing world of today. 

What’s the Problem?

However, their outdated, disconnected technology for managing, inventorying, and distributing their products, has not evolved as much.  As a result, these organizations have faced some significant supply challenges.

For Instance, the flow of information between departments such as accounting, inventory, and operations, is either too slow or too fast.  This is what’s known as data silos.  Data Silos happen when employees may be dealing with data that is inaccurate or different from the data others are utilizing. 

It is the same for external systems, where data and information don’t reach those it’s intended for or those who need it most.  Not to mention, this can require manual data entry, which would cause informational traffic jams and errors.

Another challenge is accurately tracking inventory, or not being able to track it efficiently.  Inventory tracking must be exact with no room for error, and the information for departments has got to be accessible to all. 

Older systems are just not able to keep up with the world of today.  They lack details and cannot communicate information as expedited or as accurately as one would require.  Often at times, this will push businesses to rely on manual methods, such as Excel spreadsheets.

So what’s the best solution? ACUMATICA CLOUD ERP

Imagine real-time visibility and data sharing.  Navigating dashboards provide updated and customized views of data, configurable workflows, alerts keep tasks on track, and reports emailed within the software. 

Cloud ERP is a single-source solution that can implement any aspect of any operation.  These operations are integrated, including distribution, inventory, manufacturing, field services, CRM, etc. all within a single entity.

Simple and easy connection to other apps, which include built-in API automation, simplifies integration with third-party applications, such as Shopify (eCommerce) or Avalara (sales tax software). 


Growing your business is transparent and straightforward with modern cloud ERP solutions that are scalable, adapting to a company’s changing needs that are able to grow with them.

Everything can be tailored to each industry-specific ERP solution that tackles each company’s unique needs with product editions for Distribution, Construction, Professional Services, and more. With Acumatica’s mobile app, delivery drivers can take a picture of the delivery right on the app getting proof of delivery in real-time.

As overwhelming as it may seem to appear when you add up all the frustrations of yesterday’s business models, integrated distribution management and inventory management software within a cloud-based ERP, such as Acumatica, irons out and settles them all.

There are endless reasons to implement a cloud-based ERP solution like Acumatica.  With distribution, inventory, and warehouse management software, the benefits and perks are real for janitorial and sanitation companies, and ProServe Solutions is here to help.

Are you ready to upgrade your software solution to not only make your life easier but prepare your business for future growth and success? Chat with our experts today to get started!

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