It's no secret that small and medium distributors like you struggle constantly to hold a place in the market. To succeed, you need to stay on top of your game at all times.

You need a solution that helps you:
Respond to constant changes.
Deal with increasing volume.
Meet customer demands.

More than 2,000 distributors across North America trust Infor Distribution FACTS to keep their business humming. It's the perfect solution for distributors like you who need to control costs while staying competitive.

Infor Distribution FACTS provides a robust and efficient supply chain solution designed to help distributors across all industries manage critical assets and maximize profitability while enhancing customer service and increasing productivity.

Infor Distribution FACTS is an ideal enterprise solution for growing distribution companies who want and need to keep virtually all of their focus on core business processes.

Financial management: In today’s business environment, cost pressures and compliance requirements demand efficient, flexible, and accurate financial management. Distribution FACTS will enhance your financial management processes:
As a distribution company, you sit at a critical intersection in the supply chain. You’re responsible for efficiently moving and managing goods and materials, while finding flexible ways to foresee customer requirements and even get ahead of the curve on demand and supply. Distribution FACTS has the right features that will enhance the way you sell, source, and deliver goods to customers:

With today’s pervasive Internet-based business environment, customers and suppliers are requiring that distributors do business with them 24x7. Infor’s e commerce capabilities support around-the-clock, seamless transactions and access to key info

  • Expand Into New Services
  • Establish Successful eCommerce
  • Deal With Expansion Through Acquisition
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Satisfy Customers