Delivering power and flexibility


Infor Distribution SX.e helps all types of distributors increase productivity and adapt quickly to an evolving market. Providing broad visibility across your entire organization, this powerful solution delivers unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers while simultaneously tracking millions of inventory items.

Improve profitability and boost operational efficiency by streamlining processes related to e-commerce, warehouse management, integrated supply, counter sales, purchasing, and value-added services with Infor Distribution SX.e.


Infor Distribution SX.e combines the key elements you need to adapt to the latest technology and remain competitive. In this demo, you'll learn how you can gain power, control, and convenience through next-generation features.


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With Distribution SX.e’s expanded enterprise search capabilities, users get familiar, consumer-grade search tools to immediately access the information they need. This new power and flexibility transforms the way people work, and can help you improve service levels.
Deliver industry-based configurations for target verticals, particularly Electrical, BMAT, P/HVAC, JanSan/Paper, Hybrid Distribution and Manufacturing, and Automotive Aftermarket to enable more robust functionality out-of-the-box. Infor Distribution SX.e Delivers industry-specific functionality that deploys more quickly and at a lower TCO, while preserving upgrade path.

Offer customers compelling opportunities to utilize an evolved solution that features flexible deployment options, mobile applications, ION, Infor Ming.le, Analytics, and Search. Provides a more compelling extended suite with a lower cost way to take advantage of new, highvalue capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Distribution Enterprise Solution
  • Scalable For Single Site To Multi-National Organizations
  • Micro-Vertical Specific Functionality
  • Integrated Supply
  • Omni-Channel
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Buyer's Control Center
  • On-Premise, Hosted, Or Hybrid Deployment
  • Multi-Language And Multi-Currency
  • Extensibility
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