New York State’s Premier Online Assessment Data Display Solution For County and Local Governments 

OARS will provide your residents with an easy to use property information search engine that will significantly reduce phone calls to the assessor’s office allowing staff to be more efficient performing other tasks.

ProServe Solutions is a proven solution provider of online assessment technology to government agencies. Our Online Assessment Roll System (OARS) provides a centralized online view of all assessment and sales data.

With OARS you will significantly reduce phone calls and resident visits to your office by allowing your taxpayers to look up property assessment and sales information online. Also, you will be able to present data in the same format as your residents at the BAR or SCAR hearings.


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Our OARS product services over half a million parcels throughout New York State. Below are some example sites for you to review:

OARS includes a data extraction utility that makes it simple to keep your assessment data and property pictures up to date without vendor assistance. Assessors can update data as often as they like with very little effort. Inventory, image, owner names and sales information can be updated independently from assessment values providing the public with much needed up-to-date information
OARS offers several different options for finding comparable sales, including the ability to display the EXACT comparable sales you find in RPS. The assessor has the ability to select and configure the option that works best for them. All options provide targeted comparable results that are NOT changeable by the resident. This assures the results will be comparable sales deemed acceptable by the assessor.

The OARS website is flexible in it's deployment, providing Assessors the ability to easily change what information is displayed on their site. There are areas to display important announcements, important dates as well as any other information you may want. The OARS parcel summary pages can also be customized to fit each municipality's needs. Assessors can determine what information the public can see throughout the site.

  • Improved Look And Feel
  • Quick And Easy Searching
  • Integrated Pictures
  • BAR Hearing Scheduler
  • Integration With Google Streetview
  • Inventory Change Request Form