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Improve Your Business Performance with Distribution KPIs

Learn which metrics matter most in this new whitepaper

In “Key Performance Indicators for Distribution,” you’ll learn:

What historical and predictive KPIs can tell you about your business.
Which three distribution KPIs to track most closely.
Why out-of-the-box KPIs aren’t enough to improve performance.
How to systematize your KPI process.
The ideal number of KPIs to track on a daily basis.

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"Extracting data to answer customer questions in my old system used to take forever. In Acumatica, I was able to easily export our commission list, our location list for the customer in question, and the sales order list very simply. I was able to give the customer what they wanted in less than 5 minutes of my time. Just another reason why I love this software."
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Carol Corr
Corr Distributors Inc.

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